Friday, 5 June 2009

Some highlights from Wrong End of the Stick...

These are some images from my book I have recently finished, the idea behind it was to look at words with double meanings (homonyms) and illustrate them in a variety of different ways. It was really enjoyable to do, but it was a total stress to get printed, but hey it looks ok and lets hope it gets me a pass!Staff (employee)
Staff (stick)

Date (romantic appointment)

Date (dried fruit)Cape (land jutting out into sea)Cape ( a sleeveless cloak)

Bank (place to keep money)
Bank (edge of a river)

Tap(a valve)

Tap (to knock lightly)

Row (line of buildings)

Row (to propel a boat)

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Anonymous said...

Hi! just stumbled onto your site... your work is really clever! i especially like the theif one :) rae x